Official name (in Japan ) Japan association to correct the unfair tax system
Year of foundation Founded in 1977
Purpose We correct the unfair tax systems and restrain the tax expenditures contrary to the national welfare from taxpayers' viewpoint.
Organization Board of Directors General Meeting of Members
Web page Japanese:
Members About 10,000
Head office address Address: zeiken bldg.2F, 9 Sanei-cho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0008, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3351-7425
Facsimile: +81-3-3351-7424
Official contact names Information Director: Mr. Chika Mochizuki
 E-mail address:
Secretary General: Mr. Yasuichi Tomiyama
Staffs About 20(non-paid)
Publications  JTA Report (Newspaper): 1/month
JTA Annual Report (Magazine):1/year
Books: If the occasion arises
Statement: 1 or 2/year
Main focuses and issues To correct the tax system and tax administration contrary to the ability to pay tax principle.
  • To restrain the tax expenditure contrary to the national welfare.
  • To establish the taxpayers' rights on tax burden and tax expenditure.

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